At the end of the 1980s, when still a teenager, he acquired his 1st collection piece: a lamp by Joe Colombo. In the 1990s, he started working professionally with Vintage: He took part in exhibitions of the Design Museum in Ghent, organised design auctions ( and was the initiator of DesignAndBreakfast, a B&B furnished entirely with Vintage Design at 2 different exclusive locations in Ghent.

Born (in 1977) and bred in Ghent, Frédéric Rozier is a creative and innovative talent in all his projects. He has his own pronounced vision on the sector and is considered an authority on Vintage Design in Belgium and abroad.

Founder and organiser of DesignMarktRozier

An innovative concept for Belgium in Vintage Design with an international appeal.

The formula comprises a number of indoor and outdoor design markets per year at different, ever surprising locations.

Each DesignMarket brings together a top selection of specialised European dealers. Each edition has its own specific interpretation, its own programme and a unique aura.

Structural partners: City of Ghent and the Ghent Design Museum

Owner of Design7 Gallery

Vintage Design Gallery specialised in the purchase, consignment, sale / appraisals, price fixing / advice and interior decoration / leasing of collection pieces. The location itself can be rented for parties, events, shootings and campaigns.

7 Nieuwpoort, 9000 Ghent

Expert Vintage Design

Expert for Bernaerts Auction House: selection, appraisal and price fixing

Specialist in Vintage interior concepts

Advice, plan & concrete implementation. Interpretation possible with selection of Design7 Gallery objects through purchase or leasing. For private locations as well as business events, happenings and campaigns. Reference: Film Festival 2010 lounge.


Delivering content for various off line/online platforms, including weekly contribution to